The ABC Book Challenge – “D”

So I know it’s not Sunday but let’s be real I haven’t done the best job at keeping that up weekly so does the day of the week even really matter? One thing that this tag really makes me want to do is read books starting with letters I haven’t done this challenge for yet so I have more to talk about for the memorable books section but I definitely can’t read fast enough to catch up for that.

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The ABC Book Challenge – “A”

Hiya so I was looking for something to post on Sundays and I know a lot of people have been doing this challenge for a while so I decided to try this out too!! I love any chance to talk about books that I’ve read and loved, and books that I am definitely super excited to get to (also lowkey I love how this lets me just organize my life even more god bless lists)

Probably going to start doing this weekly, my only concern is somehow narrowing down my tbr to only mention a couple of books for each letter

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