September Wrap Up

Oh man this month was definitely not a good reading month. Either so many things were going on with vacation and university or I was just full on slumping so I only managed to read 4 books. Quality-wise at least I didn’t read any books that I explicitly hated, they all had some merit but most weren’t particularly life changing in terms of my reading experience.

I’m honestly not even sure how my reading is going to go this school year because I’m somehow already so much busier than before even though I don’t think I’m particularly involved with more things? I’m trying to study a lot more and now I have a full exec position at my drama society but that’s it for the most part. But October should be better!! I’m already almost done my first book which I’m super impressed by!!

But anyways, here are the books I read in September:

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August Wrap Up

This is the last month I had before school starts and thanks the gods that I managed to go out with such a bang. I’ve read a total of 21 books this month, coming to a total of 6959 pages. I’ve found some absolutely amazing books, including a series that I am now completely hooked on.

I’m only hoping that I’m going to have at least some time to read this upcoming school year because I’m fully over my slump and have planned a pretty solid TBR that I can’t let myself give up on.

This month as a whole has been… okay for me. I spent essentially the whole month highkey stressed about life so I just spent a lot of time reading to calm myself down. I’m excited for school to start though, that’s literally the only time I actually have purpose.

Brace yourself for a very long list of books!!

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