The ABC Book Challenge – “C”

Another Sunday, another challenge!! This time around I’m in San Francisco on my last vacation before school starts up again (this makes it sound like I take a lot of vacations we just kind of took two one after the other)!!

This has steadily become one of my favourite challenges to do, I feel like it’s a good way to remember which books stick out to me the most.



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Crooked Kingdom aka my absolute child. I love all these characters so much and this is just such a great end to the Six of Crows duology, I will cherish it forever. I think I liked A Clockwork Orange as much as I did solely because I watched the movie first and it helped me actually make sense of what was going on because all the slang made it kind of confusing. But other than that, I really liked what the book was getting at. Cleansed is probably one of the weirdest plays I’ve ever read. I didn’t super enjoy it but since it was my first intro to 90s British theatre it was very… memorable to say the least – I definitely wasn’t expecting that level of intensity and torture. And of course Crown of Midnightmy favourite Throne of Glass book so far, I love Chaol and Celaena with all my heart.



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I actually have so many books on my goodreads TBR that start with the letter C so I just picked 5 that I currently am absolutely dying to get to.

I’ve been wanting to read The Count of Monte Cristo for so long, it seems like the perfect revenge story except it’s what? 1400 pages long? And I don’t know if I can commit to that. I actually own The Crown’s Game and I still haven’t read it for some reason even though Russian themed books are absolutely my favourite. I love Greek mythology adaptations, The Song of Achilles, and Madeline Miller’s writing in general so I know I’m going to love Circe I just need to get it from the library. Okay with Captive Prince I’m so ready to read it but I kind of don’t want to voice an opinion on it. Everyone seems to either love it or be severely opposed to it on a moral level and I don’t know if I want to get into that. I’m fully crying about Calling a Wolf a Wolf because I know I’m going to adore this but I can’t find this anywhere and I need it.

Have you read any of these books and what did you think of them? What are some memorable books for you starting with “C”?


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