September TBR

Yikes okay I have no idea how many books I’m going to manage to get to this month. School isn’t going to be ridiculously intense just yet but I kind of very last minute decided to move out for this year again so I’m just a very stressed human trying to find an apartment.

But there are so many books that I’ve bought and taken out from the library that I am absolutely dying to get to so I decided to make a TBR anyway.

This is actually my first official monthly TBR? I’m such a mood reader that I can’t make one for myself but what I think will work for me is if I set 5 books that I want to read this month and then for the rest I can read whatever I feel like. But these 5 books will obviously be ones that I’m very excited for.


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The Wicker King: This finally came in as an interlibrary loan and it’s probably one of the books I’m most excited to get to. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, the premise seems so interesting with Jack’s hallucinations (not in a romanticizing mental illness way just as in I’m interested to see what the author will do with it), and I’ve heard that this book is just so utterly painful and hey that’s what I love.

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle: This seems like such a fun murder mystery that reminds me of Agatha Christie’s stories but with a strange fantasy-esque twist. I got this off of NetGalley forever ago and don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get to it.

Runaway: I’m reading a different collection of Alice Munro’s short stories and I’m loving it so so much. I think she might be becoming one of my favourite authors? There’s just something about her writing that really draws me in and I’m surprised because there are so many elements of this that I wouldn’t typically enjoy (e.g. short story collections, stories set where I live). I’m going to finish that one soon and I know I’m going to need to pick up this one right away!!

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Red Rising: haha I keep on saying that I’m going to read this on my booktube channel and has that happened yet? I know that I’m really going to enjoy this and I’m in the mood for dystopian but I started reading it and it’s kind of not what I expected?

Queen of Shadows: Yes next book of the Throne of Glass series I’m so ready. I’m actually trying to space them out so I can make it to the release of the seventh book without having to wait much in between. Except this book is much longer than the others on this TBR and kind of a lot of the books that I want to get to soon and I’m scared.

These books are all going to be so good I honestly can’t wait to read them I just need to finish the ones that I’m in the middle of right now as soon as possible.

Have you read any of the books on this TBR and what did you think of them? What are some books that you’re dying to read this month?


13 thoughts on “September TBR

    • caffeinatedreads says:

      I think it depends what you’re more interested in!! I was more into the assassin plot line than the whole fae thing so I started with throne of glass. I’ve also heard that throne of glass is more plot based whereas acotar is more character based if that helps?


    • caffeinatedreads says:

      Thank you!! Yeah honestly even before going into the book the whole concept of having his hallucinations shown as this whole fantasy world is kind of rubbing me the wrong way? But everyone seems to really enjoy it so I guess we’ll see? I’m still so excited for it though!!


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