August Wrap Up

This is the last month I had before school starts and thanks the gods that I managed to go out with such a bang. I’ve read a total of 21 books this month, coming to a total of 6959 pages. I’ve found some absolutely amazing books, including a series that I am now completely hooked on.

I’m only hoping that I’m going to have at least some time to read this upcoming school year because I’m fully over my slump and have planned a pretty solid TBR that I can’t let myself give up on.

This month as a whole has been… okay for me. I spent essentially the whole month highkey stressed about life so I just spent a lot of time reading to calm myself down. I’m excited for school to start though, that’s literally the only time I actually have purpose.

Brace yourself for a very long list of books!!

(Also since I only started my blog midway through August I’m not going to end up writing reviews for the first half of these books just because it was so long ago)


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – ⭐⭐

The story itself wasn’t that bad but I’m still crying about how utterly cliche it was. If you asked me to describe a stereotypical YA fantasy it would literally be this book. It also fully didn’t help that I found the main character to be absolutely unbearable.


I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson – ⭐⭐⭐

I loved what the book was trying to get at by showing how these two inseparable twins grew apart and how you don’t have to be the same exact person forever but in the end it didn’t really do it for me. I couldn’t really relate to the characters and maybe that’s why in the end the all the emotions didn’t really hit me?



Tokyo Ghoul (Vol. 1) by Sui Ishida – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This story is so freaking amazing. It was a reread for me but it will never get old. A short list of things that I love about this include: every single character, the ghoul premise, how dark it is, examination of what it means to be human, look into morality with ghoul vs. human (and ghoul vs. ghoul), the amount of tears I’ve shed over this story.



Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This world was honestly so aesthetic with all the mafia families and casinos, and the plot was so intense!! My only concern really was that I wish the magic system was developed more but other than that I loved this.



Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Such a great first book to a series! I loved the whole assassin competition, the magical aspect, and MAN the characters. I completely fell in love with Celaena, Chaol, and Nehemia right off the bat and I can’t wait to see more of them in the series. I mean I kind of know what happens considering I’ve read on because I am fully hooked on this story but still.



A Study in Charlotte by Britanny Cavallaro – ⭐⭐⭐

I love Sherlock Holmes adaptations so in that sense I mean I enjoyed it? But there the book as a whole kind of required too much of suspension of disbelief. It was just too hard to believe that 16 year old Charlotte had her own science lab and an opium addiction. The characters were carbon copies of their ancestors and I kind of just didn’t super enjoy the way they were written.



Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Beautiful, amazing, and everything I wanted. This book was so focused on Celaena, Chaol, and of course Celaena and Chaol together and I loved all of it. Also we finally got to see Celaena’s reputation as Adarlan’s Assassin play out when you know she actually kills people.



The Raging Ones by Krista & Becca Ritchie – ⭐⭐⭐⭐.25

Oh my god was this book exciting. Everything was so go go go and I love the general concept of everyone knowing their death date. The characters were so entertaining, the romance was so adorable, and I read this whole book in almost one go. The planet was so unique, the death culture was so well developed, it was just such an interesting read.


27834600 (1) In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware – ⭐⭐

I… did not enjoy this book at all. I was so excited for a bachelorette party thriller but nothing about this was suspenseful. I didn’t like any of the characters and the twist at the end was nothing surprising.



The One (The Selection #3) by Kiera Cass – ⭐⭐⭐

I mean I definitely liked this more than the second book since there was some movement in the plot, and in terms of quality it was probably the best out of the three. All the problems I had with the series earlier on (e.g. girl hate, how annoying America was) actually got better which I was really impressed by.



Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli – ⭐⭐⭐

Everything I liked about this book was kind of already established by Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda which was pretty much just the other characters. I didn’t particularly enjoy Leah as a character, there was no overarching plotline to make this book feel like an actual book, and I felt like the romance… was not done in the best way.


32075662 (1)

Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity #2) by Victoria Schwab – ⭐⭐⭐

I was expecting so much from this book since it felt like the plot of the first book was going to lead to something so much greater. I still loved the characters and August’s battle with wanting to be human but it felt like nothing really happened during the story itself. The writing lacked detail for me and I just wasn’t really engaged in it at all.



Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas – ⭐⭐⭐

Oh this book… was not my cup of tea… The beginning was so slow and the Rowan bits made me so uncomfortable which obviously made me not enjoy the majority of this book. But the whole last third fully screwed me up and I am still trash for this series and these characters so I mean what can ya do.



Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children #2) by Seanan Mcguire – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Absolutely gorgeous writing and such a captivating setting. I have nothing but good things to say about this novella. The world had such creepy vibes, I loved finding out about Jack and Jill’s past, and everything that this book explored in terms of gender constructs and parental upbringing was so well done and just honestly A+ to this whole book.



The Helmet of Horror by Victor Pelevin – ⭐⭐

I read this book in Russian so I thought maybe the reason why I didn’t understand or like any of it was because of that but then I read some reviews where people quoted the “deep” bits and I realized that this book is just not for me. I know that this author writes in an experimental/conspiratorial way but I just wasn’t a fan of the messaging format this book was written in nor the philosophical implications it focused too heavily on.



Legendary (Caraval #2) by Stephanie Garber – ⭐⭐⭐ (RTC)

I loved the gorgeous writing in the first book but here the magic of the world kind of wore off for me since nothing new was offered. The things I didn’t like about the first book were fixed mostly by changing the main character of the story to Tella’s perspective so I thought I would like this book so much more. But the writing lost its touch and the confusing illusion of a game that was so captivating in the first just became tiresome.



Macbeth by William Shakespeare – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This play has quickly become my absolute everything. Yes I loved the dark aesthetic and yes Lady Macbeth is everything I aspire to be but oh my goodness I am still not over the character developments. I know the soliloquy that begins with “tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” is so often quoted but man it freaking got me and you know what, it’s so well known for a reason. Just everything about this was so darn good.



Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children #3) by Seanan McGuire– ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (RTC)

I can’t tell if I like the more present day stories in this world or the ones that give a background to the characters, and this one was a really good blend of both of those. I loved getting to see Kade and Nancy once again, and as always the author creates such visual worlds. The only thing that dropped my rating to a 4 was mostly that I wasn’t very interested in the world – it’s very Candyland-esque and I’m just not super into that.



Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn – ⭐⭐

I heard about this poet from one of his poems that went viral a couple years back called “OCD”. I thought that poem was so well written and I was so excited to get to his collection but the rest of his poems was just so different and nothing like what I expected. Honestly I wasn’t a big fan of any of them aside from “OCD”.



The Rain Watcher by Tatiana de Rosnay – ⭐⭐⭐

I originally requested this ARC because it was set in Paris and that aspect was kind of the only thing I really liked about this book. The descriptions were absolutely gorgeous and I really felt like I was there with the characters, walking through their history. However this book is about family secrets and none of them were particularly interesting? Also the main character seemed so detached from everything it was really hard to care about his family’s situation.


18243700 (1).jpg

The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass #0.1-0.5) by Sarah J. Maas – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Okay I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first two novellas because they were kind of slow and Celaena was just horribly arrogant the whole time but all of the others got me so good. I loved seeing Celaena’s backstory fleshed out and I loved her and Sam together so so much. I feel like I understand her a lot more as a character but my biggest concern was that her personality seemed kind of all over the place in this collection? Even though I understand how it led to her character now, it shifted back and forth a lot in these novellas. Also I just love assassin Celaena so much.


Books read: 21
Average rating: 3.44
Genres: 12 fantasy, 2 contemporary, 1 mystery, 1 thriller, 1 science fiction, 1 historical fiction, 1 play, 1 poetry collection, 1 manga
Favourite(s): Tokyo Ghoul even though it’s a reread, Crown of Midnight, Down Among the Sticks and Bones
Least favourite(s): Red Queen, In a Dark Dark Wood
Most disappointing: Our Numbered Days, Our Dark Duet

I’m so sorry that was so many books but I had such a good reading month!! My ratings are kind of all over the place but I don’t think that I had a single book I would say I particularly “regretted” reading.

Some other favourites of the month: new BTS album!!!!! TATBILB movie!! that’s pretty much it

How did your reading go in August? What are some of the best books you ended up reading, I’d love to know!!





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  1. eviebraithwaite says:

    21 books is insane! And you read so many good books too! I’ve been wanting to read the Wayward Children books for the longest time, I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Such a shame about Leah On the Offbeat considering how amazing Simon was!

    Evie x |

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