Throwback Thursday – Old Favourites I Need to Reread

So as any avid goodreads user, I was going through all the books that I’ve rated in my goodreads lifetime and stumbled across quite a few books that I read 5-6 years ago and rated surprisingly high? Now I don’t know if that’s because that was in my earlier YA reading journey so I thought they were better, if I was easier to please, or these were actually genuinely really good books.

I’m always up to reread books, so I decided to compile a list of books that used to be my favourites back in early high school years (also it just bothers me that I have so many high ratings because of that how am I supposed to compile favourites lists if I have these books that I remember nothing about rated 4-5 stars)



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172 Hours on the Moon – The first creepy space horror book I read and I remember the end fully shook me to the core. I don’t remember much of what happened in the book as a whole but I am 100% ready to reread this just to see if it’ll scare me as much because man I thought about that book for so long.

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares – This was literally my favourite romancey contemporary for so long because they were like #cool #hipster #bookish teens and I feel like I’m going to cringe reading this but it’s cute and Christmasy so maybe I’ll read it later this year.

Paper Towns – oh goodness this book really resonated with my emo teen vibes of hating my school and wanting to leave, I kind of want to leave this alone because it really represented my early high school experience but also I’m kind of curios.

Beautiful Creatures – I’m pretty sure the only reason this has 5 stars is because it was my best friend’s favourite book because thinking about it I did cringe way too often to apparently like it that much?


(and am probably going to force myself to reread so I can cleanse my rating because the fact that these have the same star rating as some amazing books is hurting my heart)

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There’s not much to say here because I remember really not enjoying these books so why did I give them 4 stars? I hated An Abundance of Katherines but because I liked John Green I felt bad for giving it a low rating apparently and M or F? literally says “her fabulous (and gay) best friend” in the description so umm… gotta check that out. I’m going to hate myself for rereading these, I’m dreading it so much already.


I actually thought I was going to add more books but going through them it’s probably okay that I rated them 4ish stars, I enjoyed them at the time and that’s enough (aka Sarah Dessen). But for the ones I mentioned, I’m either rereading them because they’re old favourites or i apparently gave them really high ratings when I didn’t enjoy the book and that inconsistency is killing me.

Honourable mention to the Twilight series, aka my fave in grade 5. I’m planning to reread those books during this upcoming school year so I can mark the 10th anniversary of when I first picked the books up, I’m actually so curious to see what 10 year old me was obsessed with.

Do you reread a lot of your books? What were some of your favourite books many years ago and would you consider reading them now?


5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Old Favourites I Need to Reread

  1. Rahil Shahril (@rahilshahril) says:

    Finally, I have found someone in the book community to mention Beautiful Creatures! haha. This series was my bloodline, I fell completely in love with Lena & Ethan. I have reread the first book like twice but since I know what’s going to happen in the coming books, I couldn’t let myself read further xD

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