Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas

20613470A review in which I am not going to be an organized human being who writes relatively structured reviews because 1. everyone has read this book 2. i am UPSET

Let me start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the series. The first felt a little like a generic YA fantasy but things really picked up for me in Crown of Midnight. I loved how much we got to see of Celaena, Nehemia is the love of my life, and I will want Celaena and Chaol to be together till the day I die.

But… let’s talk about this book….


Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas
Genre: YA, fantasy
Published on: September 2, 2014


the majority of this book was just so disappointing for me, I had the highest hopes after Crown of Midnight and it really didn’t deliver on anything.


The first 250 or so pages of this book were such a struggle to get through. So much was going on and there were constant perspective switches that I just couldn’t care about anything or anyone. Everything was happening all at once which meant very superficial descriptions. Not only was I not invested in even my favourite characters but all the newly introduced ones went right over my head (like the witch Manon, the only chapters of hers that i actually properly could read was in the very last section of the book)

It was just so hard for me to get through and it wasn’t the matter of the characters being split up, I’m usually completely fine with those books it was just too much going on but at the same time nothing at all? it felt like such a filler book and the second i would actually get invested in a perspective it would switch??? so why am i even reading this??

It definitely picked up in the second half of the book and the ending was absolutely insane as always and kind of just reminded me of why I loved the series in the first place. All the plot lines started to come together and I found myself rooting for Celaena/Aelin once again and it made it all worth it.

character updates

Celeana: I still fully love her I don’t care if she’s kind of becoming the stereotypical ruthless queen at times I love how she never gives up, fully 100% support her I need her to bring the king down

“All she knew was that whatever and whoever climbed out of that abyss of despair and grief would not be the same person who plummeted in”

Rowan: okay this is the one that I need to rant for because what in the world was that?? How am I supposed to like him as a person let alone want him to be with Celaena when he is literally such a problematic character? He was dominating and cruel and I have a whole rant that I can go on about him but I’ll just leave a couple of quotes down below to just say that this is like? Completely not okay? Sure part of it is “fae culture” but Sarah J. Maas had the freedom to choose it and this is what she went with.

“I don’t care what you have been through or what you want to do with your life. The sooner you can sort out your whining and self-pity, the sooner I can be rid of you. You are nothing to me, and I do not care” 

“Gods, he was brilliant. Cunning and wicked and brilliant. Even when he beat the hell out of her. Every. Damn. Day.”

Chaol: thank god someone called him out for the fact that he isn’t on anyone’s side and isn’t fighting for anything because he finally got his morals together and took a stand and I love him even more and I think he’s such a strong character


I mean technically there wasn’t much here aside from the development of Rowan and Aelin which I fully do not support. It doesn’t even matter to me if he gets better later in the series, that doesn’t excuse everything that he did in this book.

things I liked

Once everyone found out that Aelin was alive and the message was being spread throughout the whole world everything got so entertaining!! Those last 150 pages felt just like the first two books and I was so excited to see what the story would lead to. I mean half of that was technically just absolute pain with Dorian giving himself up for Chaol and yes my favourite thing about this book did depend on what was developed earlier in the series but that’s okay because apparently I am still so fully hooked on the characters and this story

overall: didn’t really enjoy this book as a whole in fact I had many problems with the plot and characters but as a continuation of the series, I mean I’m still trash for it and I need to see what happens to my faves

Have you read Heir of Fire and what did you think? Did you like it more than the first two books in the series or were your feelings similar to mine?


9 thoughts on “Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas

  1. Cailin @ Rose Petal Pages says:

    Heir of Fire is actually my favorite in the series (along with Queen of Shadows) and I love it with my entire being, buut I can understand why some people didn’t enjoy it as much since it did take a turn from what I think a lot of people expected in the series. I personally loved the growth and development of all the characters, especially how Celaena and Rowan grew together. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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